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What we do

Our mission is to assist international investors, new or active in the CEE market, through the entire investment process, from the sourcing of the products to the disposals, including day-to-day asset management, reporting and other tasks tailor-made to answer the client’s needs. Headquartered in Budapest we cover the entire Central European market for all major asset


Being an independent company fully owned by its funding partners, we are entirely committed to our clients and provide them with an unbiased approach on a fully accountable basis.

At Limehouse Partners we believe local Asset Management, through direct and daily access to the asset and its market, is key to meeting and exceeding targeted returns. As an independent organisation we offer impartial advice to complement the classic brokerage agencies. Limehouse Partners is committed to give reliable market/opportunity views and ensure performance post acquisition.


Through breadth of experience, professional services, extensive network and local market intelligence we add significant value during an investment’s lifecycle. We always adopt a long-term responsible view and consider our advice as a benchmark to perform to.

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